A month worth of SEO?
  • I'm going to spend a month doing some SEO on the sites I'm preparing to flip. This will mostly be comprised of article marketing and blog commenting. Obviously, folks do different things to this.. so I'm just wondering what you would recommend as backlink building methods?

    I've read on this forum about scrapebox and GSA Auto Website Submitter.. what other tools/methods would folks recommend?

    Building sites is my strength.. SEO.. not so much.
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  • Bookmarking, blog commenting, link wheels, & blog farms (if you have the right software).

  • Trin, what is the best software you think personally (affordable too)? :p
  • Backlinks you want # that count, traffic geyser/contentbuzz for video cost $67+ upwards and tubemogul.com does the same thing free, and then you get to articles submition software i use article submitter pro but il check i know i have a free software that i used a while back that does the same thing...

    when you are looking a t software dont buy all of them check out their differences and ONLY BUY WHAT YOU NEED AND WILL USE!!! for seo i personally use senuke the $127pm version if you dont say ok its cheap dont buy it there are free ways around it and manually doing it lol (the pain).

    My advise is get your routine down on excell spreadsheet, for things like forum posting/ blog commenting/ wikipedia links/ answers/ video posts in youtube too many too mention finds what you can on forums about seo ( as many times what you pay for can be found on forums for free like warrior!) Learn seo it never stops especially in wordpress with the codes and new ways to optimize...ok il stop now, YOU CAN DO IT!!!

  • *cracks his neck*

    If I were you I'd buy SEnuke, it's the leading SEO tool at the moment, not only does it do article submissions but video marketing, HIGH PR backlinks, Social bookmarking and RSS Feeds are all functions it has and much more.

    I'm a big fan of it and it is definitely my main tool when I do SEO.

    // Stefan
  • ps i find the following works as i also do seo monthly for each site that way i can do more deccent work as 1 task per day for multiple sites work and you never get lost but have a plan 1st and down typed on your desktop lol.

    -this is excluding everything i do with video&article&pressreleases...
    Blogger and um blog posting
    weebly pages
    top 10 social bookmarking like digg stumble upon technorati...
    social profiles for each site as many as time allows
    Hey Stefan yes senuke it great but unlike you guys i live in africa whats cheap for you is a sallary for us ;> imagine if you had to pay 10times more for everything...[hr]
    oh and you can do linkwheeling with senuke aswell!!!
  • And then when you have the money, outsource it all!
  • Outsource it, should be cheaper than buying if you don't use it a lot.
  • I've gotta go with Stefan on this one, Senuke. I use custom software so I can't recommend any personally, but stefan knows what he's talking about.

  • Please don't get Stefan started on SEnuke - we'll be here allllll day :D
  • Haha, that's true Thomas. It's just the best software out there atm that's publicly available
  • how is the profile nuke working? when i last checked they were all no-follow, did this change now?
  • Stefan,
    Ever checked out Link Dozer? I was a member for a while.
  • Since when does it matter if a link is no-follow or do-follow? A link is a link.

  • i don't think that i get traffic from profile pages so it matters if it is do or no-follow..
  • Since when do people get traffic from profile pages?

  • I think he means that as it's a profile link it won't get traffic, so being do-follow is preferable for SEO.

    This brings us on to the whole do/no-follow debate, and I suspect this could get messy :)
  • The profile nuke has changed, there are no-follow and do-follow links in there now but they're seperated so you can just choose Do-follow only. It's very good for SEO since these sites have amazing PR. Ofcourse you won't get (much) traffic from these links but for SEO they still count as high-PR backlinks.

    Current Lists:
    Do-Follow: 375 sites, all PR4+
    No-Follow: 341 sites, all PR1+
  • How "user friendly" is SENUKE? does it come with some kind of big "how to work this program" tutorial?? I just dont want to get something that I have no idea how to use..
  • There are videos on the site that explain everything you'll need to know.
  • or you could just download tutorial videos from other thousands of popular sites -- just a thought.

  • Or just ask Stefan. He'll happily talk about SEnuke all day :)
  • I think he has a limit until he invoices you for consulting fees. =p

  • Trinity gets me but it's true, I could talk about SEnuke for days and days :D

  • [quote="Stefan"]
    Trinity gets me but it's true, I could talk about SEnuke for days and days :D


    Hey, Stefan:

    Maybe you should come up with an Ebook: advanced techniques on how to better use Senuke, a FNSO(flipping network special offer, :D) I will be the first to buy...
  • [quote="Stefan"]
    Trinity gets me but it's true, I could talk about SEnuke for days and days :D


    I'm allllll ears!!!

    Actually, it's a bit out of budget this month.. maybe next month... but if I can get some tips on making the most of it, that would be totally sweet.. :D
  • I'll probably just make a Q&A thread in where you can ask me anything (internet marketing related) and I'll answer you :) Might make this all easier for us.
  • I have just started using SerpAssist instead of SENuke. I find it much more intuitive, and its almost half the price. Its new, recently out of Beta but it has the potential I believe to blow both SENuke and Bruteforce out of the water. Two of its biggest pluses are that you can schedule and that all the work takes place away from your PC so you know that all of your sites will be created. There is a review of it with a video in my signature.
  • Hey Justin,

    I watched your video and I have to admit, the software does look good, I'll check it out and maybe I'll like it as much as you do.
    Now, to be completely honest, you can get senuke for 60$/M which is a little less than SERPassist at this point but as it seems SERPassist has a couple more features.

  • Isnt that just the basic version of SENuke or have you come across a clever way of getting it for $60. I was paying $127. At the moment Serpassist doesnt have nearly as many sites as SEnuke but the long term potential of it I think is huge. I love the easy way of creating linking maps and I love the fact that it all takes place away from my computer and I can schedule the links to take place over time.

    I also think its upcoming 3 click feature is going to be awesome.

    Be interested to hear your thoughts on SerpAssist if/when you try it out. I was completely blown away by it...
  • Hey Justin,

    That's the basic version indeed, that's why SERPassist currently has more features than that basic version.
    I happen to know quite a bit of sites that they should check out so I'm just gonna join their forums and advice 'm some stuff.
    Just downloaded the trial and I'm checking it out when I'm done installing windows XP (agaaaainnn!!!)
  • Hey Stefan,

    Did you perhaps have a look at the upsell content on the Senuke advanced videos cost $67 or something? its only 3 hours long so i dont know if it covers all the functions of senuke in detail(action guide), senuke has so many to choose and use ;>

    Ps, il gladly pay you $67 if you have action steps to use everything of senuke in such a guide as i get lost between all the functionality lol
  • Hey hb,

    Do those vids cost 67$? Jesus christ, I got them for free (From my old boss) :p.
    Add me on msn and we'll talk. :) (jd@makemeknown.net)

  • Cool, pm ya, i appreciate it!
  • How about recording it and selling it here (for cheap, of course :))
  • Hey Billy,

    I'm actually in the progress of creating ebooks/videos about internet marketing and I'll definitely discuss SEnuke in that aswell :)
    Maybe I'll make a special vid just for you guys though but I'll need to see about that.

  • I bought those Advanced SEnuke Videos for $67 from Mark Dulisse.True,I have not watched all of those (I think there are about 28 videos);it tells you how to use the various features of SEnuke but does not go into a step-by-step approach many new users need to avoid getting their sites sandboxed.You will find something close to that on the SEnuke Forum.
  • Welcome back, Dignity! Was the stuff I sent you of more use than Dulisse's?
  • [quote="BillyPilgrim"]
    Welcome back, Dignity! Was the stuff I sent you of more use than Dulisse's?

    Yes,in a way Billy.

    Let me put it this way.Dulisse's videos are really some advanced stuff.He delves deep into the various features of SEnuke but come short of giving you the exact way to starting using SEnuke to promote your new site.There are flashes of that here and there but not a coherent whole.The SEnuke Forum has a thread that does something close to that but with many people contributing to the thread,you get lost in the deluge of varied suggestions.

    The link you sent me does exactly what Dulisse missed or failed to do.If you combine the two,though,you probably will never go wrong with SEnuke.

    Lest I forget,I actually mentioned that you sent me such a useful link in my original post but deleted the line not knowing whether or not you will be comfortable with it.Honestly,that solved the SEnuke riddle I have had nightmares on for weeks.I didn't want to spend time to build my sites,use SEnuke to promote them only for Google to give me a headbuut.

    Thanks a million for info!