Is this even possible?
  • Not interested in buying the site, but I thought this was interesting.

    So I was browsing DP and found this site for sell thread:

    They posted a few screen shots so I was looking at the analytics screen shot. ... 1276717835

    It says that he has .85% bounce rate. What? I find that really suspicious. I've never seen a site with anything close to that.

    What do yall think?
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  • Move on. Not only that, but 0 itrader. I rarely trade with anyone that has zero itrader.

  • I'm not interested in buying the site. Just wanted to show the bounce rate.
  • Yes its possible. Think about it this way. If a visitor jumps from Google To after a search do they leave automatically? Some sites have very low to zero bounce rate.

  • Can you explain how?

    Know of any sites that get less than 1% bounce rate?

    Did you look at the site?

    I find it very very hard to believe.

    Bounce rate has nothing to do with how fast they leave. If they enter and exit on the same page no matter how long they were on that page, that is considered bounce rate.
  • I'm stumped. Maybe Thomas or Bryan can chime in.

  • Nice catch.

    Yeah, .85% bounce rate IS possible, but only in certain (very specific) cases.

    As for this particular site, the screenshots have either been doctored or the owner of the site has bought fake traffic (generated by a bot that not only visits the site but also clicks somewhere - hence bringing the bounce rate down) and this can be seen when looking at the "content overview" section on the second screenshot.

    1. Bounce rate being extremely low means that most visitors navigate from the main page to another page of the site. When you take a look at content overview, you'll notice that the main page has 1,792 pageviews but the 2nd popular page (/page/2) has only 230 - meaning that all these thousands of non-bounced visits had to go to different (unpopular) pages - obviously highly unlikely.

    2. If you take a closer look at content overview you'll see that the pageviews % is 17% for the main page and between 1.5% and 2.5% for the rest of the top 5 - where did the other 75% of visitors go?!?! My best guess - to subpages set up to accept bot traffic.

    Hope this helped :)
  • Wow thanks for the detailed reply Bryan. I'd love to see a site with less than 1% bounce rate. I just find it hard to believe it can happen on a site that actually gets traffic.

    I bet he is buying fake traffic. In his second screenshot you can see most of his traffic is coming from one country. Seems odd if he is getting that much traffic, he isn't getting visitors from all over the world. He even says that 60% of the traffic is from google.

    Again thanks for the reply Bryan. It explains a lot.
  • If most of your traffic is from google then 1% bounce rate is indeed virtually impossible. There's always a ton of people that click through to the site and immediately hit the 'back' button.

    However, consider the following scenario:
    - traffic is bought in by a referring site and the anchor text / link description is EXTREMELY targeted (think: members-only site telling people to "click here" if they want to get this and this for free)
    - the site that gets the traffic has a few sentences and a link - something like "click here to proceed"
    Boom, 1% bounce rate.

    There's a few more possible scenarios but obviously that's all irrelevant as the site you mentioned wouldn't fit into any of these.