two sites-unsure what to do with them
  • I have two sites that I really just want to get rid of so that I can have a few bucks to start flipping sites the right way.

    The first is in the fitness niche. It has a great name, general wise (it's a pun), but it's not extremely keyword strong. I'm thinking perhaps making it a promo site for fitness marketing (see for an example of this), but I can't seem to find any strong affiliate products in that niche.

    The second is a sports betting site. Good keywords, but have had it up for a month, put a few original articles (rewritten by hand). Haven't made any money off of it. Not sure where to go with that one either (although probably an easier sell).

    Experienced sellers: Anything come to mind I can do with these two sites, rather quickly, since I've already wasted a lot of time? I'm looking to quick flip them, but neither have shown any profits.

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  • Any traffic or revenue? Also I find it hard to believe that you couldn't find any "strong" affiliate programs for fitness. That's just absurd.

  • [quote="Trinity"]
    Any traffic or revenue? Also I find it hard to believe that you couldn't find any "strong" affiliate programs for fitness. That's just absurd.


    Zero revenue. I've setup a link page to some clickbank products and amazon products. When I said 'no strong affiliate programs', I meant for fitness marketing, which means programs to sell to fitness trainers to increase their revenue. I thought this might be a good approach. There's a ton of general fitness products, many of which sell well. I was trying to find a twist (perhaps fitness marketing to fitness professionals rather than joe schmoe who wants to lose weight).

    As for traffic, I've revamped the site several times, completely wiping it out each time. This last time was a few weeks ago, and I went the manual autoblog (yes contradiction) route and copied articles from websites I liked to get something looking halfway decent. I've had 60 visits in the past month on the fitness site. I have a twitter account with over 1,000 followers, but haven't messed with it much. I had those followers from previous iterations of the blog.
  • Is there a reason you haven't put adsense on them?
  • The only reason I hadn't put adsense on them is because I didn't want to do both clickbank and adsense. Someone advised me not to do both, but maybe I should have.

    (removed website names as suggested).
  • It is a private forum, but do you want to make competition for yourself? Just a word of caution. =]

  • Just checked out ""...

    here's what I would do for starters..

    * Integrate the products more with the content. e.g. for the first post about sticking to a meal plan, I would put some of the weight loss products above and below the post content. (In between the title block and the content at the top, and under the text but above the posted/tags block at the bottom.

    This is where your eyeballs are going so this is where you want your advertising. Separating the products/advertising out isn't doing you any favors.

    * Second, I would make the products more pictorial. Most people aren't going to read through a list of products that are only text. Check out some of the amazon widgets, I think there are clickbank widgets too for wordpress.

    * Third - get some fitness banners from if you want to put banners on.. I wouldn't bother with hostgator - it's not your target market.
  • @cornflower. Thanks, those are some good suggestions.

    @Trinity- I'm really not too concerned. I just want to get these making something and sell them to get starter money. Not expecting to make a killing on them. But I definitely understand what you're saying. Thanks.
  • Hey serialfish, are you looking for suggestions for flipping them right now, or do you want some monetization suggestions?
  • I was looking for quick suggestions to flip them right now, but was unsure whether I should monetize first or sell on some sort of 'potential'.
  • Well I can't really give you any suggestions for flipping them right now. From what I have seen, you could get more for them based on 'potential', rather than saying they earn 3 dollars a month.
  • True. At this point, I think I may hold on to them for a set amount of time (say, two months), and try to monetize using the methods outlined in the flipping book, get them earning something decent, get decent traffic, and then sell. I guess the quick money would feel nice, but the payoff would be much nicer if I spend time on development.