Interesting Adsense Auctions
  • Got an email from Calvin & Jonathan aka IM Buzz re a few adsense auctions they have up on Flippa - I checked them out and they're all remarkably similar sites: ... ot-Income- ... TYWLGevGkw

    I usually build adsense sites on Wordpress (although have tried HTML) - are these built according to the Xfactor course (which I haven't read) or are they on some other template? Seem to be going for good prices so any comments from you guys would be helpful as I'm currently sprucing up a couple of old adsense sites for sale.


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  • The template is not Xfactor's but they are essentially the same.
    I wonder about the claimed income. Mini air conditioners get only 880 exact searches a month. Adwords cost $2.45 a hit. I wouldn't bother with this keyword. Smells fishy.
  • Wow. $550 so far? That's crazy. Goes to show the power of having a list.
  • While we're on adsense sites here's another one that intrigued me - given her homepage do you think she achieved those results with xrumer? ... 00-Monthly
  • Someone asked that in the comments and they said no...they said they'd reveal their traffic source to the winner...$750 for a one day old site...we've gotta find this source :)
  • I so agree lafours...

    And now, for my next adsense site (!) here's one sold by Pot Pie Girl aka Jennifer - I think the fame factor helped quite a bit with this one...and the Xfactor course too (now that I've read it)...
  • Who is potpiegirl & why is she known?

  • From where I have heard of her is as an successful affiliate to Travis, "The Bum Marketing Method Man" and "Magic of Making Up" Clickbank product creator. Haven't seen her as a flipper before but I what do I know :rolleyes:


    Who is potpiegirl & why is she known?

  • She sells high-profile affiliate marketing courses, perhaps the best known being One Week Marketing. This is her site:

    Haven't seen her as a flipper before either but some of the comments on the auction clearly reflected her following among IMers.[hr]
    Now there's a coincidence - just got a potpiegirl marketing email advertising an upcoming etycoon webinar, talking about her first ever site auction (see above) and...wait for it...flogging her new $43 course on selling 'tiny little niche sites' (!)

    You can catch that one here:
  • She's own One Week Marketing course and very well known member at Wealthy Affiliate. Very kind woman and love to share good things.

    Who is potpiegirl & why is she known?


    37 Bids with $620 was quite impressive for such adsense site.