Stefan SEO/IM Q&A
  • Hey guys,

    I'm here to help so post any questions in this thread and I'll reply asap.

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  • Best way to get manual backlinks fast?

  • [quote="Trinity"]
    Best way to get manual backlinks fast?


    Hey Trin,

    I've always done my backlinks with software but when you can't do that I'd definitely look at "Paul's Quality Backlinks". If you want I can share one of their books with you and then you can see if you like it, it's basically building High-PR profile backlinks.

  • How do you determine the amount of time it will take to rank in the top 10 for a specific keyword?

  • Hey Trin,

    Again an excellent question. I personally do this by checking how many competitors there are on a certain keyword and how well known those competitors are.
    Believe me, you won't win an SEO fight with people from Amazon or Ebay.

  • What key do I need to press to become an elitze SEOer like you? I just wanna press a button and be on top 10 of GOOGLE, BING, YAHOO.

    Thanx You

  • can you explain the "allintitle: long tail keyword" concept? I have read that the sites that come up when you do that search in G are your true competition... but I don't quite understand the concept - I would think your true competition are the sites on page 1 when you just do a normal G search

    care to share your knowledge of this?
  • Hey Jason, good question.

    Since people that are actually good at SEO use their keywords in their title and because google looks at that especially it's a big SEO thing.
    If sites don't have it in their title they'll be easy to completely own on the SERPs :)

    Hope that helps,
  • okay, pertaining to that - would it be considered "in the title" if it is a subpage of their website

    i.e. www . irrelevant-domain-name . com / (the-long-tail-keyword-i-want-to-rank-for)/bla bla bla

    I hope this makes sense...
  • Title is between <title> tags mate :)
    The URL is a bit less important and having a keyword related domain name is quite important.

  • Kristina Sarik of Link Dozer has said this sort of thing is being discounted more and more (or will be) by the Big G. I no longer subscribe to her service but still have access to her forum. She is the best SEO person I have ever read.
    I don't know that will affect us as flippers right away but I suspect in the future it will.
  • [quote="Stefan"]
    Hey Trin,

    Again an excellent question. I personally do this by checking how many competitors there are on a certain keyword and how well known those competitors are.
    Believe me, you won't win an SEO fight with people from Amazon or Ebay.


    If I see Amazon or Ebay in the top 3, I think jackpot. I don't find it hard to outrank them at all.
  • that is actually awesome info Brent - what have you found works for outranking amazon/ebay?? because so many times I see those 3 pictures from amazon at the top of the search results for a niche and dont even think about trying to outrank them...

    what I am asking: "how many backlinks do you find it takes to outrank amazon/ebay?"

    *has another sip of beer #4* = why I am rambling at the front of this post... and now lol...
  • Hey Jason,

    By pictures do you mean the google shopping results? I'm just talking about the actual amazon site ranking in the search engine.

    Amazon does a great job of on page seo, and therefore they can rank very good for many long tail searches. The thing I look at is how many backlinks does that page have? Most of the time they have 0.

    There isn't a magic number of backlinks to build to beat them. See how many backlinks the top 3 results have, take a look at how good their on page seo is (along with the rest of the 1st page), and decide if its something you can handle.

    I don't care if google says there are 45 million results for a keyword. I don't care how many have the keyword in title.

    All I look at is the first page.. mainly if I can beat the top 3.
  • say in most or many cases you can beat these megasites with BLP even if BLD is in the 100000's? Not disagreeing just wondering about your thinking behind this.
  • Yea, I don't care about back links to the domain. Only to the page that is ranking.
  • I ask because Market Samurai will sometimes mark a site yellow because of massive domain linkage.
  • Don't rely on Market Samurai or any other tool to tell you what is hard to beat. People are starting to realize that SOC and stuff like that really don't mean much. You have to go look for yourself.
  • hey, guys:

    for building backlinks, what softwares do you suggest? Currently I am doing it all manually. Need something to boost the productivity...


  • I also want to know which is the most effective product/service out there

    I'm doing my backlinks manually and it's killing me.
    So I want to purchase a product/service but I can't decide which one.

    I keep hearing about Screapebox,Linkavana,SEnuke etc and I'd like to have them all, but
    unfortunately I only can afford just one right now so I'd like to know which one shows the most results SEO-wise.
  • My tip would be scrapebox. It gets more powerful by the day, you won't believe it. :)
  • SEnuke, Scrapebox, Xrumer if you're a little evil.
  • Scrapebox is a one off and you can find a discount. Xrumer is big bucks and you need a server. Nuke is big bucks every month. I have SB and when I can afford the vig, I'll get the other 2.
  • Exactly :)
  • Im trying to figure out whether link wheels still work really well or whether it is better to just have lots of sites linking in with random non wheeled links to each other. I recently started using Serpassist instead of SENuke which I find much much easier for creating linking setups as you visually create a map.

    With regards to Xrumer there is an offer on the WF somewhere where they will create 25 backlinks per day for you to a site from forums using Xrumer for $18 a site. As I am currently having an outsourcer manually backlink sites from Joe Finn's Backlink Pack I am wondering whether Xrumers 25 a day might be better considering for the same price as my outsourcer who can do 3 packs a day so 3 sites I could have 6 sites done daily with his offer.

    As an aside whats the deal with affiliate sales for this product?
  • Hey Justin,

    As you probably know I love SEnuke and I've seen your vid of Serpassist. I still know my linkwheels work amazingly well because my sites are shooting through the search engines.

    If you don't NEED to use Xrumer don't. It CAN get you sandboxed.

  • Yeah, I was a little concerned about that. Will stick with my outsourcer then! Look forward to hearing your thoughts on Serpassist. And I look forward to seeing your input on the forums there...
  • Hey Justin,

    I'd do that yes :) Maybe you should have a look at Paul's Quality Backlinks, he's good.

  • Yes, I quite like Joes links mainly because of the way he sends them out. You get different packets at different times so I may get packet 1,2,3,4,5 while someone else will be getting packets 12,11,10,9,8 etc so not so many people are bombarding the same profiles.

    Im not really sure of the difference between all the different packets, they all seem fairly similar. Joes seem more expensive at $10 a month but then you get a new packet each week whilst Angela and Pauls seem to come out monthly.

    As a matter of interest, how do you do your profile backlinking? I picked up some software on the WF which is meant to speed it up although it still seems to take my outsourcer about 3 hours to do a packet.

    Once I start scaling some more I suspect I will probably end up using Pauls, Angelas and Joes...
  • Hey Justin,

    I use SEnuke Pro's profile backlink function :D
    I might have a mate of mine create software that lets me add a site when I want and will just automatically fill my info in etc.

  • On the May 22 webinar, you said that you offer SEO services. May I ask what your website URL is? And I recall reading somewhere on this forum that you offer special deals for FN members? How can FN members contact you? Or should we just PM you?
  • Hey FKS,

    I'm working on it, I'm currently doing a review copy for Bryan & Thomas and after that my service will be listed on this site.

  • Hey, Stefan:

    how would you compare SEOnuke and traffic geyser? I have some videos to promote, but heard SEOnuke can do video submisson as well. I wonder how fast the submssion through SEOnuke, no matter articles, vidoes, social bookmarking, can be indexed by google? Can SEOnuke do potcast submission as well?


  • The SENuke Video submission at the moment is pretty shit. You have to leave it over night as it submits and uploads each video individually. A good free option for video submissions is Doesnt submit to as many sites as Traffic Geyser but it submits to the main ones. I believe the next version of SENuke is going to have the same functionality as Traffic Geyser where it will post videos from a central server.
  • Justin, I haven't used SEnuke in a while but I believe they've actually changed it to the same system Tubemogul uses.

    @Rmao, check the senuke forums for that, I'm not completely sure about Senuke's functionalities at this moment.
  • They hadnt when I stopped using SE Nuke and switched to Serp Assist but I know that it is something they have been talking about doing. Be interested to find out if that was the case now.
  • thank you, Stefan and Justin....
    I am currently in traffic geyser now, but so many speak good of SEOnuke, so I think probably i will swtich to SEOnuke...

    thanks again, guys
  • Stefan do you create blogs that get updated and then when you need to just use the one linked to your niche. So for example have a health blog network and when you pick up a health related site promo them through it. This would mean you had a strong network to go at each time.
  • @irnwho

    I know a lot of people that do that and it can be quite profitable. The thing is, however, that you're going to have to build up a lot of sites to have any impact on your ranking. For a new site I generally create about 500 backlinks from niche-related sites and then a couple thousand from non-niche related sites. This means that you need at least a couple hundred sites PER NICHE! That's quite a lot. Also, and this might not be true but I always do it and in my experience it works, you'll need a different server for all these sites. (I feel that innerlinks (as I call them) are only valuable if they're from a different host. This is how it has proven to work for me in the past so that's what I'm sticking with.
    I personally only use sites that aren't mine for linking.
    Scrapebox, SEnuke and other tools will help you with that (I'm going to be launching a tool to blow all of the other tools out of the water but you'll see that when it's done.)
  • [quote="Stefan"]

    I'm going to be launching a tool to blow all of the other tools out of the water but you'll see that when it's done.

    Can you tell us more about your new tool?

    I'm currently waiting for the launch of SEO Link Robot:

    It will basically do everything that SENuke does but it will have just a one time payment. I think that the initial price will be around $150, then it will increase.

    How's your tool compared to this one? When do you think that it will be available and how much will it cost?

  • @mrsparrow

    As it is considered advertising (Not only by Bryan and Thomas but especially by me) I'm not able to talk about the bot at this time. I just wanted to mention it so you don't guy buying Scrapebox, SEnuke and others. My bot will be cheaper and better at what it does than all of those bots combined (:D).

    I'll be available in a month or two and we'll build it up modularly (Starting with a HIGH-PR Backlink module). It'll be quite advanced and still easy to use. Since we'll start with one module the price will start low. If you want to know more you can PM me because I really don't want to advertise on here.
  • I look 4ward 2 it. I have sb already. Any tips on using it?
  • @irnwho

    Scrapebox really is a good tool (That's why we're taking it's functions and putting them in a better bot ^^). I suggest using it for autoblogs, since the content on those is mostly taken from yahoo news and what not you can really get an easy ranking. I have a couple of people doing scrapebox blasts on every new post my wordpress blogs make and I've pushed my site up in the rankings by doing so. Oh and the quick index tool is awesome
  • I will have to have a play around with some things. I have an idea with blogger that I will let u kno the outcome of.
  • @irnwho

    I'm always interested in learning more about SEO and Scrapebox so let me know how it works out ;)
  • For sure. I will fill everyone in. It's probs a tactic u already employ but we will c.
  • Interesting. I have SB and have been looking at SEN, SerpsAssist, Magic Submitter (really bad review from some guy on BHW), and XGen SEO. Nuke seems to expensive and too steep a learning curve. SA seems to lack enough sites, MS got the bad review and XGSeo is buggy.
  • Just updating this thread a little.

    I can't believe how many people are trying to make a second SEnuke. To be fairly honest, Serpassist failed at it. I can't see XGen SEO making it work. SEnuke has it's place in the market and isn't about to get kicked out. Especially with SEnuke X coming out.

    Now, enough for that rant, I've got more.

    SEO isn't done with 1200 tools, it's done with knowledge. Anything those tools do (or say they do) can be done manually. Sure, it takes a couple more minutes (read days) but it's worth it ^^ Sure, there's a bit of a learning curve and I advice people to use tools but I started without tools and I made enough money to start using tools after a while.
    If you're interested in SEO don't be scared off because of all the tools. Just read some articles, download some ebooks and learn :) I'm here for questions!

  • Well, I have a full time job so I don't have the time to do SEO manually. Thus far Scrapebox and Auto Backlinks Bomb have been working out well. Both are one off prices that their developers continue to support and improve.
    In the past people have said the membership model for SEO tools is necessary because of the constant update required. SEN has kind of sucked recently if their forum is any indication and these new young developers seem like they ARE improving their software and offering good support even with one off prices.
    So Stefan, specifically why do you make those comments about SA and XGSEO?
  • @BillyPilgrim

    Because I think that people should stop trying to steal other's markets. I hate that in our market. SEnuke is still pro and they have been upgrading enough (atleast for me they have).
    SERPassist, okay, they've added the visual aspect but XGSEO is just not new. It's a copy and I hate that. I'm making my software and I'm not stealing ideas. We actually removed some features that we were going add on it because they were already out there.