Flipping sites with a short life span?
  • Hi,

    Has anybody have any success in flipping sites that would bring traffic for a while and then die off?
    I'm talking about seasonal sites like Christmas2009.com or Easter2010.com for example.

    I have 4thOfJuly2010.com and I'd like to flip it for two reasons:
    1. I suck at monetization so I fear that I'll only see just a trickle from it
    2. I could certainly use some money right now

    The traffic is just starting to pick up and by the 4th of July there's going to be big traffic spike.
    Here is how it looks like right now: http://i50.tinypic.com/2lk8nra.jpg

    Do you think that there could be people interested in buying it considering that after the 4th of July the traffic will basically be zero?