PR on expired and expiring domain names
  • Hey guys,

    just wondering, is it true that expiring and expired domains with pr will go back to zero when google updates?

    By the way, has anyone used Is it worth the price?
    Seems good to me but need to know the answer for the 1st question to make decision.

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  • Yes its true.

  • then there's no point in buying expiring or expired domain i guess and also no point of joining the site. What do you think?
  • I think if you take over the site fast and get similar content up quickly then you will not lose all the PR, although I am not 100% certain. One of the advantages to buying an expired domain with Page Rank is that it will already have backlinks and those take time. An expired domain costing $8 from godaddy for example with a large number of backlinks has the potential to be worth a lot more.

    I think there is a huge point in joining this site. Its full of useful information. I havent really done much flipping but I know that had I not bought this course and joined this site that this area of monetization would have been much more of a shot in the dark than it is going to be now.

    I saw a PR5 site for sale on Digital Point. After looking at it I realised it was an expired domain which was originally in Chinese. I expect that PR will drop pretty fast! None the less if you repopulate it with good content, start generating revenue it adds to the value of the domain when you flip it. Bear in mind that PR is updated infrequently and also just it isnt the most important factor for buying a domain.

    Some of my sites with PRs of 0 get more traffic than my higher PR sites.
  • it will only lose PR if it has been expired during a PR update. If it expired 6 months ago, it will have no PR now, as there have been updates in between, but if it expired yesterday, then you should be OK.

    I used to pick up expired domains, build sites on them and then sell links off them and did quite well out of that for a while. You do need to do something to maintain the PR though, because over time it fades away as the links it had before disappear.
  • Why would it be pointless for you to join this forum?

  • Hi Trinity,

    i dont mean pointless to join this forum, i was implying to

    Thanks corn and justin. So the best way to take advantage of expired and expiring domain names is to sell them quickly before the next update right?
  • Not necessarily.... It sounds right what Corn says about PR only being lost if it expires when Google is updating PR at the time when the domain is actually expired. I have no idea whether Googles Caffeine will speed up how quickly page rank gets updated... I suspect possibly not. None the less I dont think PR is the most important factor in the sale of a site, its more to do with the sites income and traffic. There are plenty of high page rank sites with little to no income and there are plenty of low page rank sites with much higher income.

    There is an expression somewhere about Turnover being vanity and profit sanity. I think the same thing kind of applies to PageRank, its part vanity, although that is not to say that it is not completely unimportant. If you find an expired domain with Page Rank and it is a keyword rich domain as well then I suspect more money will be made on a flip by developing it and boosting its revenue than by selling it quickly in fear that it will lose all its page rank.
  • There is an expression somewhere about Turnover being vanity and profit sanity. I think the same thing kind of applies to PageRank

    There are some webmasters who make a very good living out of just text links and...nothing else. For them, PR is profit :)

    But for most others, as you say, it's just vanity.
  • Agreed Justin but by having good PR wouldn't it make the big G rank you higher thus giving you better traffic?
  • As far as I know, PR is irrelevant in SERPs. It's generally a sign of "authority" but doesn't necessarily mean you will rank higher than a site with lower PR.
  • PR does make you rank better actually.

    The SERP rank of a web page is not only a function of its PageRank, but depends on a relatively large and continuously adjusted set of factors (over 200), commonly referred to by internet marketers as "Google Love".

    It's definitely not the most important thing but it's not useless ;)