Is it worth doing anything with these?
  • I have a wide number of domain names. Two of which are expiring this year and I am really not sure whether I think they have much potential.

    Both date back to 2006 and I set them up for some of my travel exploits:

    Driving from London to Mongolia in a 2CV and driving across India in an automated rickshaw.

    I have now moved the content to my main blog and I can't decide whether to just let the domain names expire or whether to develop them.

    Estibot maintains the domain names combined worth is $195 but I am not so convinced.

    Anyway the domains are and

    Can anyone think of good ways to monetize these and develop them to make them worth flipping? I would argue that they aren't hugely keyword rich.

    They got some income back in 2007 of around £100 each for adding in a link and they get a few pennies of adsense a year. Current visitors is only around the 60-80 visitors a month.
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  • What traffic do the keywords get? I'm betting none. Work smarter not harder.
  • Yes thats the point. Not sure there are any relevant high income generating keywords related to those domains....

    Which is why I wonder if I wouldn't be better off just letting them drop or potentially selling the domains if anyone wants some aged ones and work on sites with more inherent keyword traffic.
  • Hmm... Well I think I am going to just fill them both with travel related articles, probably using WP Robot and monetize with adsense, airline and hotel booking services and see what happens over the next three months. If I boost the income dramatically will look at flipping them then.