• Has anyone here used Prosperent instead/as well as adsense for their sites as a monetization method?

    Prosperent is meant to provide better targetted advertising than google adwords and also links to affiliate programs as well as advertisers so in theory your value per click should be much higher. I also think that if it doesnt have any relevant ads it will then show google adwords instead.

    I am debating moving from Adsense to Prosperent so would be interested to know if anyone has any experience of it...
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  • I wouldn't.

  • Any reason why not? It is meant to show adsense if it can't find a more relevant ad to show instead....
  • Might be worth a test on 1 or 2 sites but Adsense is tried and tested to pay higher than most other platforms.
  • Am impressed with Prosperent. It has a fall back to adsense if it doesnt have a suitablke ad to dispay and on the sites I am using it on it is generating more money than adsense.

    I recommend it. If anyone wants a referral link let me know.... ;)
  • Got some stats? Any particular niches you have found it to work with? I've read mixed reviews on other forums so interesting to hear your experience.
  • Well its early days and have only had one click purchase but from that I got about $12 whereas the normal adsense is about 20-30 cents.

    I suspect its best where the niche has some kind of physical product to purchase.