• Hi,

    This was an idea that came up in my intro thread:

    http://flippingnetwork.com/forum/showth ... 97#pid2697

    An informal meet up/brainstorm/support group would, I'm sure, be of great benefit to us all. Plus it's always nice to put faces to online names! I'm around until the 20th July and then away for the summer so anyone up for meeting before then? Could make it somewhere in central London so it's easy for everyone...

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  • Im free then, apart from the 18th... have a BBQ then :)

    Yes it is nice to put faces to the forum names. Im sure that from a meeting would spring up friendship in both business and personal.
  • I'll be in London on the first of August untill the third of August so that would work for me :)
  • stephan amanda leaves after 20th of july. Shame your only there for 3 days.
  • I arrive in London on the 20th but leave for Spain on the 23rd and then back to Peru in August. Maybe next time!
  • I'm sure we can always plan another one for Sept/Oct or whenever more people are in town but would love to do one before I leave in July - what's better for everyone...weekdays or weekends? I can do either although weekday mid-morning is ideal which would be great for coffee etc (and by etc I usually mean a slab of something chocolate)
  • I'm just going there for holiday with my brother and I don't think I'll visit anytime soon again, at least not this year. I'll probably move there next year though hehe

  • I'm pretty flexible as of July. I'm not sure if weekdays would be good for me, I'd have to ask the boss. Bryan? LOL :D
  • Bring him!
  • Well lets wait for him to respond to this thread :)

    Joking apart, I have a pretty busy summer but can usually fit in beer time if we arrange it in advance. Weekdays are probably best for me - but I'm not sure how many of you guys work from home.

  • Yep, weekdays are probably the best. What about the 2nd or 3rd week of July?
  • Im off University for the summer so im pretty free.

    organising a date that everyone is free on a forum is always hard. Tried it many a times.
  • 2nd week of July sounds good - 3rd week will be a bit manic for me...
  • Would have loved to meet you but I would only be in Manchester from August 2-9....Hope there would be another opportunity not too far away from here.
  • Guys its getting late in july we should prob just say a date and stick with it.
  • You're right and I'm sorry not to have been here for a while - been working on a new book and the deadline killed off everything else in my life. Getting on a plane next Weds so things are tight for me...how are the rest of you fixed? Or do you want to wait until end of August when I'm back? Or meet without me (which is cool) and I can come along next time?
  • Im free when ever really, havent got too much going on this month. I have two holidays coming up in august though.
  • Is this still happening? I arrive back in London on the 22nd July and leave again on the 23rd. Be great to meet anyone around for beer or coffee.
  • Im just 30 min train ride from there so if anyone's around let me know.
  • Let me chat to Bryan. Both of us are in and out of various countries on short notice - so will have to see.

    P.s. Aspire - hope you're not doing the same as me and working all night :P
  • Guys - like I said, if you can all make a date around now do it without me and I'll happily set up a second meet when I'm back from Bulgaria. Just got too much to do before I leave and apologies for that as it was my idea in the first place.
  • Ok, well anyone who would like to meet me on the 22nd let me know. Assuming my flight isnt horribly delayed I will look forward to it.
  • Ah thats tomorrow. I think im going out with some friends tomorrow.

    Thomas - I think i was :D
    working with usa times... :S
  • Lol.. No worries. I am going to be in Hammersmith with around 2 hours to kill until 8pm.
  • Shame I missed you - Hammersmith is ten minutes away from where I live. Anyway, back from Bulgaria complete with killer tan and back to work attitude...anyone up for a mid-September meet??