Hi from Lithuania!
  • Hello everybody, just thought I will say hello to the whole community. I am very glad to be here as I would like to find a long term income and since site flipping is the main bussines of IM, I tought I would give it a try. I was using many methods in the past to make money - most of my methods were blackhat + CPA. They made me a nice amount of money but it wasn't a long term income (actually those methods I used don't work anymore). I was into e-whoring for few months, made some cash with it too, but again - my method died. Currently I'm sitting with PPI, very easy, but not very big money and also extremely blackhat so that's why I wan't to learn site flipping. I'l be working hard and hope to become successful. Cheers! :)
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  • So you were one of those fake girls that tricked me into signing up for that cam site!

    Jk ;p Welcome to the forum!