• Hey guys,

    Here's an easy method to make some money without ever having to pay a penny :D

    Things you need:

    A list of previous buyers or people who have expressed interest in your sites.

    A DP account.

    There are a few ways to play this, but the general idea is to spot a good site on DP; "reserve it"; advertise it to your buyers; buyers pay you; you pay seller.

    Nothing ground-breaking but this is a great way to make some awesome margins without needing the cash. Also a good way to build on your negotiating skills.

    Obviously there are a number of ways this can go wrong (seller being a scammer etc) but generally if you play it right and follow usually due diligence this can work well.

    You can also do it the other way round: speak to your buyers and find out what they want; find a good site on DP; negotiate price with your buyer; negotiate a price with your seller - simple.
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  • Hehe well I don't have a list of previous buyers, but I still love the idea I actually did something similar at some point.

    Although a little more difficult
  • .. and if you don't have a list of previous buyers but do have a spare $50 or so then:

    1. Find a decent site that's listed for sale on DP but make sure that it hasn't received any (or not many) bids during the first day of the auction.
    2. Approach the buyer, offering them to help them get their site sold for a lot more than they'd ever reach on DP. Pay them 75% of whatever you'll get for it.
    3. Have them (temporarily, if they wish) take down the listing
    4. List their site on Flippa by bringing out the most attractive aspects of it.

    Works almost every time, firstly because most sales pitches seen on DP are extremely poor and by simply fixing the auction description you would already make the site appear way more valuable, and secondly because for almost any site you get a lot higher bids on Flippa, compared to DP.

    Ah, and as meathead already mentioned, beware of scammers!