Is a spun article considered a "unique" article?
  • I recently invested in "The Best Spinner" so I can do some human readable spinning. Do these spun articles count as "unique" articles? Or is it enough for them to pass copyscape?

    I tend to build sites in batches (e.g. 10 gardening sites, 10 travel sites, etc) and this would cut down on the work of having to come up with totally new stuff for each site. I could just spin it and put a spun version on each site, then sell it as "unique" content.

    Does that sound OK or is it shady?

    PS I'm aiming for 40% unique rating, which gets me through copyscape, easy.
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  • Depends how strong your moral compass is I guess. I think it's fine and would class it as unique content. People are only bothered about 'unique' so google likes the site more. I doubt they'd care whether you slaved over a keyboard for days writing the articles or not.
  • Yes, it often can be. I too use The Best Spinner and am in fact an affiliate for it. I think it rocks. I have actually used some spun articles with the best spinner, swapped a couple of paragraphs around and submitted it to Ezine Articles and been accepted. I have even spun Ezine Articles and resubmitted them! It cuts my article writing time down dramatically!

    I also use a software called UNCOVER ( free from one of the best article writing services, The Text Broker which will tell you how unique your article is.