Selling Clickbank Affiliate Generation Sites... Question..
  • I have a couple of Affiliate sites that bring in some revenue each month...

    As an example this is one with the following Revenue Stream, wth all refunds taken out:

    January $342.93
    February $112.82
    March $133.15
    April $175.63
    May $111.18
    June $153.98
    Total 1029 since January.

    I have just started doing some SEO to boost its rankings into the top 3. It doesnt get a huge amount of traffic but what there is seems to quite often buy. Some of the traffic comes from Adwords but have spent less than $2 a month to buy it.

    Im kind of concerned about selling this on Flippa as it would give away the niche and it isnt overly competitive.

    None the less if I could get $1200 or more I think it would make sense to sell it to give me more money to invest in websites to flip.

    For the real flipping experts what do you think? I have also seen that clickbank sites dont seem to sell brilliantly well on Flippa. Anyway would love some feedback, especially on the niche uncovering thing....

    I love this model and really want to get out of affiliate promotion altogether and concentrate on selling sites....
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  • Hey Justin,

    $1200 sounds like a perfectly achievable price. You might even get a little more. Assuming all the traffic is organic then I don't see any reason why it wouldn't go for at least your target. I would go with a BIN of around $2k.