Buying/Flipping A Site Banned By Google
  • Hi,

    I'm thinking about buying and then flipping a site that was banned by Google. The previous owner admitted that the site had automatic content on it and Google sandboxed/removed the site from its listings and cut off his adsense account.

    My question is -- if I buy this site from him, will this ban be reversed? Also, will it have an impact on the rest of my websites?

    Other than the ban, the deal is very attractive from a seller I've dealt with before.


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  • You can get sites re-included - maybe. You need to have the domain transferred over and then you need to apply to Google for re-inclusion. (Of course you need to explain to them that you have just bought the site, and that you have removed all of the offending content, and that you will never, ever do anything remotely like that ever again.)

    It's a gamble.. I wouldn't do it unless you can afford to lose the money you purchased it with.
  • Hey mate,

    If I were you I wouldn't take the risk, the last time I had a site de-sandboxed (I'm gonna put that word in the dictionary I tell you!) it took me 3 months ¬.¬