KFS Affiliate Program is LIVE - Make $108+ per sale!
  • Hey all,

    Killer Flipping Secrets affiliate program is finally live and even though strictly invite-only (we will only accept those who know what they're doing :)), you guys (together with the VIP members of Blackhatworld) have a "priority pass" as many of you have helped us make the product as successful as it is.

    But on to the point.

    The Affiliate Program:

    [*]Offers you everything you can imagine: not just banners, ppc templates and the usual junk but COMPLETE autoresponder sequences, custom materials (landing pages designed according to your preferences), even sales videos and twitter sequences!
    [*]Pays out once per month unless arranged otherwise (we're always willing to negotiate!)
    [*]Tracks visitors using iDevAffiliate - one of the best and most accurate affiliate platforms available.
    [*]Comes with a dedicated Affiliate Manager, ready to answer your emails / phone calls whenever you need anything.[/*:m][/list:u]

    More info / sign up here: http://KillerFlippingSecrets.com/affiliates.html

    NB! When signing up, please fill the "how did you hear about us" with "FlippingNetwork" and add your username - otherwise your application might get auto-declined.

    Questions - this thread, PM bryanon, PM Thomas, send us an email - anything will do :)

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  • Hey guys i´ve just joined KFS Affiliate Program.I have already received the welcome email but it says there that the approval process may take up to 7 days.Can you guys speed up the process?

    Thanks and looking forward to start working with you guys.
  • Ignore this :)

    It seldom takes us more than a day to approve new affiliates so you can expect our affiliate manager to get in touch with you either today or tomorrow.