Flippa - email delivery bug
  • A funny thing I've noticed a while back is that whenever Flippa do mass mailings (newsletters etc.), they seem to stop the delivery of auction notifications, perhaps to save their mail servers from getting overloaded.

    It's pretty annoying, especially when you have auctions that are about to reach their end and suddenly non of your bidders get informed that they've been outbid (or that I've sent them a PM), but thinking about it further it can actually be used to our advantage :) - since no notifications are delivered, this is the perfect time to BUY sites as many bidders expect to get notified when they've been outbid and therefore if no emails go through they assume they're the highest bidder, making bidding wars far less frequent during these periods.

    And the periods aren't short, either. Based on my observations, it takes Flippa around 7 hours to do each mass mailing (that's the maximum time that's been between my earliest account and my latest account getting a newsletter) so it's quite a bit of time to do some bidding :)
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  • Haha didnt notice this! Really nice share !