How long after paying for a site should I charge it back with Paypal!?
  • So I bought a site yesterday with paypal from a high trust level seller on digital point. In retrospect Im unsure whether I should actually have bought it although it has some potential.

    Anyway I sent the money after confirming with the seller that they would transfer nameservers, domain etc but as of yet 24 hours later have heard nothing back.

    In your experience when would you ask Paypal to give you a chargeback?
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  • Woah! If he's got high trust I'd give him a little more time than 24 hours to sort everything out for you. Sounds like you want to back out of the sale rather than complete it. You should only chargeback if you have genuinely been ripped off. If you want a refund and he hasn't changed the nameservers, just ask him.
  • I second what lafours said.

    Also - be extremely careful and think trice before filing a dispute/chargeback as they affect your credibility bigtime (in paypal's eyes). If you file too many disputes then you might be putting yourself in a situation where in case of a really important dispute it can be favoured against you simply because paypal sees a high dispute % and labels you a 'serial disputer'.
  • I agree. I worked with a guy on DP that took a while. I work a day job so it didn't matter that much.
  • Generally the guys and girls with high trust ratings have a successful business so aren't always the quickest in transferring. I've waited up to a week for the whole transfer process to be complete. I would never file a dispute/chargeback before talking to the seller first either.
  • Yes, I think I was more narked off to speak with him, get his paypal address, say i was going to send money and could he transfer things through and then not to hear any acknowldegement just put me in a bad mood and my being slightly unsure of the site added to it.

    Anyway am sure it will be sorted out eventually, I think I was more venting than anything else... so apologies!.
  • No worries justin, let us know how it goes.
  • Its like getting blood out of a stone with this seller. Im beginning to get really frustrated. He still hasnt transferred the domains or sent me the sql database for the wordpress blog. Today he has finally said that he has pushed the domain to my godaddy account and its still not here.

    In addition on his auction he stated that he would thrown in an extra 8 education related domains for $25 and then he tried to charge me $100 and I have got him down to $50. Im still not sure whether they are worth that. According to estibot the wholesale value of the 8 is $85, which is pretty much the same as registration fees.

    Once I eventually get the site I am tempted to leave negative feedback but then its not really in my interest as he will do the same to me and this is the first purchase I have made off Digital Point so I really want to make sure I get positive feedback for future purchases.

    Ah well, we live and learn. I just need to be more patient. Trouble is he is wrecking the PR of the domain by posting a shed load of RSS feed news stories like 20 a day which I am sure Google must hate!
  • I hope everything works out fine for you Justin. I have been ripped off a number of times from people who seemed trustworthy. I hope you will be able to share how this matter ends for you so that others can learn from it.