Transfer a PR 2 or more site
  • Hi everybody,

    I would like to have your opinion about that.
    I have learnt from expert people that when you buy an etablish PR domain name you need to have the same registrar and not transfer to an another one if you want to keep your PR rank...

    So what's happen if i buy a PR 2 website with an other registrar that mine.?
    Do i have to open an account with the same registrar?
    Do i have to keep the domain on this registrar with a deal with the seller?
    or can i simply transfer the domain to my registrar without lose my PR rank?

    If you have already bought some PR website with trafic and flip them witout problem...can you tell what was your plan?

    I'm a little bit confused - i make a deal with the seller - i can get the website for a good deal but i just need to have this part clear before to valid and make the payment...

    Also i saw that first the seller transfer the domain so it's why i need to know before confirm the deal...

    thank for your help
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  • Good question. I dont know. I just bought a PR 3 site, well in theory although the seller still hasnt transferred it over. Im leaving it on the same domain for the time being... Be interested to know if people have comments on this. I would be surprised if your PR got penalised if you moved the site registration though, I suspect it happens quite often.
  • Not 100% sure - but to be safe I always just create an account at the registrar and have it pushed to my account there.

    If possible, I keep the site on the same host they had it on as I believe switching IP's can be negative for page rank (hopefully someone can back me up/tell me I'm wrong on that).
  • Ok to let you know i have my answer confirmed by one of expert in the field...

    "Don't change the registrar. It's the one thing that google doesn't like to see. You can change hosting, content, etc... but if you change the registrar you are likely to lose the existing backlinks, PR and such. "

    That's mean i have to deal with a Poland registrar or move with an other auction..

    Any advice?