• On Trinity's comment in a previous post I decided to advertise a buyer's thread on DP. All I got was complete and total (but for one site that I liked but disappeared and the search engine said "stopped" and just looped) HORSESHIT! Does no one actually DO keyword, CPC, and traffic research that anyone would buy such dreck? I certainly hope not on Flippa.
    But these jamokes were asking $XXX for sites that had 600/month searches with $.05 CPC. You couldn't pay me to buy that shit!
    Frustrating because I bought 4 sites on page one for 35 bucks each last week.
    Rant over.
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  • There is crap everywhere.... I was looking for websites to buy on ebay earlier... I gave up pretty quickly! I just bought the domain name chocolatehamper.com witha view to developing it and possibly flipping it.... Was quite pleased about that, but that wasnt from digital point. I have got addicted to Estibot recently.... BUt am wasting far too much time.

    The site I bought on DP I am getting ever more pissed off about, as I still havent received it. 25 positive feedbacks for quick deals etc, and its me he decides to spend wekens over! Have now just told him to give me the login details and I will back it up and transfer it myself. Not sure how I delete all the posts from within wordpress though but at least he finally pushed the domain through 6 days later. Don't really want them left up there. Im not sure why I bought it, except that I think it can be monetized a lot better than it is currently being monetized. Still it could be $35 down the hole.