How Long Can You Let Your Auction Continue?
  • It seems that if you continuously feature your auction, you will get more viewers and more bidders. And each time someone bids within hours before your auction ends, your auction will be extended by 4 hours.

    I just want to know if it's ok to extend your auction by 4 hours -two or three times?
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  • I think your auction will continue indefinitely if people bid on it in the last four hours.... Or at least until someone pays your BIN price.
  • Justin is right. Quite often it can go on for a number of days if no-one wants to BIN.
  • Yup. My 'record' so far has been an auction that was scheduled to end at 7pm on Friday dragging on till 6pm on Tuesday :)

    Well, ok, this was mainly because this particular auction had a ridiculously high (3x the actual expectation) BIN. That said, 12-15 hours is typical, even in case of a reasonable BIN price - unless you offer fantastic BIN incentives.