DOmain registrar in Poland .pl is it a problem?
  • Hi,
    I don't know if it's the right place for this post then feel free to remove it in the right section if not.
    Well i would like to jave your review about my first try...I bought Killer Flip ebook and 3 days ago i started by looking for site in DP. I read more than once time the recommandation to avoid scam ( as valuable check list, buyer checklist and due dilligence...) - And i found a website with around 10 000 unique visits/month and around $130 earning with adsence for 6 months...Alexa rank is around 470k and PR is 2...It seems to have a great trafic. Most of trafic come from organic search and it seems to be an eqaul amount betwenn India and US. Owner give me GA screenshot and a read acess. Also we found a price to make the deal below that the price it would like.

    Then i asked to create an account and push the domain in this account for me...but he said to me that maybe it could disturb me but his registrar is .pl ( poland ) ...and don't have english version on the website. I would like to know if it could be something devaluable in case of flipping.
    I could transfer it to Namecheap, but i've learnt that i could lose the PR in this way ( not 100% sure but the guy who show me that was 100% sure...) - so not sure about what to do..

    in the same vie, his hosting is not usual, and i could transfer it to hosgastor, but not sure if i will lose PR...because IP will be different as Thomas said.

    In fact i would like to show you the auction to get a review, a feeling and if you will go - just be fairplay i would like to keep the deal ;)

    I really would like to made my first succeed flip before 15 days...and have this great feeling about 'hey i bought something and that's really work...' you know what i mean. This kind of business it's new for me but i've heard a lot of people who are already succeed - If you can help me to be one of them as you are will be great.
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  • I did some research and they seem to be a pretty decent registrar, managing over 2 million domains ( ... M/index.en) so I wouldn't worry too much about it.

    The only thing you need to sort out is your account with them and make sure that the domain gets transferred there. If the site is only in Polish then perhaps Google Translator will help you out.

    That said, you need to be prepared to do a lot of explaining after you've flipped the site, as your buyer will need to go through the same process.
  • I've had similar issues with a .nl (Dutch) domain and had to sign up to the registar. I got the seller to walk me through it as I didn't understand any of it. If you're buying, I don't see any reason why they can't help you out - get them to send you written instructions so you can pass those on when you flip and don't have to spend hours explaining as Bryan already mentioned.