Facebook, LinkedIn, Flippa's Ranking System
  • In the KFS ebook on page 114, it states: "EXTRA TIP 1: DO NOT rely entirely on Flippa's ranking system. Flippa gives enormously high ranking boosts for very simple things, such as connecting an established Facebook and LinkedIn account (while the account details are only visible to Flippa themselves), allowing scammers to acquire a trust rank of +12 with minimal effort."

    I do not know much about Facebook and LinkedIn. During my time, MySpace was popular -ahh, the good ole days. Anyway, will Flippa accept "new" Facebook and LinkedIn accounts? What is considered "established"? Has anyone bought and used established Facebook and LinkedIn accounts?

    Just giving Flippa this info seems to be among the easiest ways we can boost our Trust rank.
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  • Looks like your thread didn't get much love so I'll answer it myself:

    Flippa has no way of knowing the actual age of your Facebook/LinkedIn account - the only thing they see is the number of contacts it has. That said, even a new account is perfectly fine as long as you have plenty (don't quote me on that but I think it was 20) of "friends".

    As for using bought accounts - this is clearly against Flippa's TOS, but once again - there's no way for them to tell whether an account has been bought or created from scratch :)

    And yep - it's indeed the easiest way to boost your trust rank.