What are you doing when sellers don't accept to push/transfer domain first?
  • Hi,

    Thomas/Brian said that one rule was to always ask to the sellers to transfer domain first.
    What about a low cost deal? i mean around $20...
    In 2 cases i asked the sellers to do it first and they said to me that generally buyers will pay first, and move away...

    How do you deal with small $$$ sites ( or good deal in urgence )?

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  • I've bought 5 sites since being here. I paid for them first with PayPal and haven't had a problem...yet.
  • I paid for one with Paypal last Monday. He eventually transferred the domain through on Friday but he still hasnt given me any site access details or sent me a download of the site. Im now beginning to get narked off....

    Compare that to the joyous experience of buying a domain on another forum where the whole thing took about 15 minutes from my paying to the domain to it being pushed to my moniker account.

    Im not sure one should get too upset if they wont push/transfer the domain first. I think next time I buy on Digital Point I will make sure the feedback is relatively up to date and not baCK IN '07.

    Having said that with small sites you have to be pretty unlucky to get ripped off and if you pay via paypal and dont get the domain back you have a reasonable chance of getting your money back.
  • ok maybe i will split next time or pay first - i would like to apply the same rule of the ebook but it seems to be more difficult for a website around $20...Anyway first lesson... if you have already got a seller that push you the domain name first for a cheap website - let me know.