• Hi everyone! Some people know me from the WF and from the Xfactor forum and others from my old days of site flipping (Kate Anderson's forum maybe?).
    Anyway since this IS a site flipping course and forum, could not leave it untried :D I liked the book (read it within the hour of receiving it), however its' the forum and community interaction that I'm really after.

    Looking forward to meet you all! And I'll have a ton of questions, since I haven't really flipped in almost a year (well only a bit, here and there), since I was mostly developing Xfactor style sites, but I do want to flip some since I'm getting extremely bored on working always the same and the same and the same times...

    kislany aka Marika
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  • Welcome Marika aka Kislany. I dont even know what an Xfactor site is. Is that something to do with that awful television show?

    Anyway greetings to you in Cyprus from me here in darkest Peru.
  • I'm sure you've seen plenty of these by now, with those ugly green & black colors 'made for Adsense MFA sites'. I do the same except I'm using my own templates that look more appealing to the eyes.
  • Justin,
    They're micro niche sites made for Adsense.
  • Kalispera Marika :) - and welcome on board.

    Just out of curiosity - where in Cyp are you based? I'm in Limassol myself.

  • Kalispera Bryan :) Ime stin Lefkosia, Makedonitissa.
    Seriously, are you here in Cyprus, as in living here? ????
  • [quote="kislany"]
    Kalispera Bryan :) Ime stin Lefkosia, Makedonitissa.
    Seriously, are you here in Cyprus, as in living here? ????

    Yep. Or well, I travel a lot so not in Cyp all the time but a good 40% still.

    And how on earth can you stand Nicosia in the summer? I find even Limassol way too hot and doing my best to get away whenever I can.

    EDIT: And no, I'm not a Cypriot, lol.
  • Nop, I'm not a cypriot either, but I'm married to one and I'm here for 14 years already *groan*. (yeah I'm that old :D)

    You know what, N/sia is not that humid in summer (although it's hot), Limassol is the worst really. Btw, just last week I've spent my week at the Governor's Beach, just before Limassol, my bro was here from Deutschland and I took him to the beach. At least the weather was quite manageable compared to August...
  • Hey Marika,

    Welcome to the forums. Afraid I'm not from Cyprus so not much use on that front but we love to talk flipping so look forward to seeing you more on the forums.

  • Thanks Thomas, I already love it here. Btw, speaking of flipping, if anyone could have a look at my Flippa listing before it ends, I'd really appreciate it :) (I have a thread in the relevant forum section).