Adesense sites formula
  • I'm an early member of Court Tuttle's Keyword Academy. Court is a friend of Griz Brears for those of you who know that name. Since Court has publicly revealed this formula, I want to share it with you.

    When doing keyword research for MFA site, use Google's keyword tool for your broad niche. When you get your exact search keywords load them to an excel file and use this formula to estimate what they would make in position #1.

    CPC x .25 x Exact searches x .4 x .05. I wouldn't bother creating sites that were worth less than $50/month.

    Hope this helps some of you.
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  • Looks like the formula is pretty good. I'm guessing the .05 is for the adsense CTR. I think you could bump that up to .1 or .15. I average 15% adsense CTR for most of my sites and some of them get over 20%.
  • Hi Brent,
    Are you by any chance using the clickbum theme?

    The .05 is a conservative estimate so you don't get bad surprises.