On Page SEO
  • Brent gave me some on page tips that raised one of my sites up a number on Goog. What do others like to do with on page SEO?

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  • I use an awesome plugin I got from the WF for like $4 which gives me a good indication of how good my onpage SEO will be, I then also look at tags and crosslinking of postsi. Its all complex stuff. The plugin is called SEOPressor but I have a horrid feeling the WSO is over as he is launching it at a higher price.
  • Is it worth $37?
  • Yes and No! Depends how good you are at SEO. To be honest I think its great and it has really helped me to make sure my onpage SEO is good. Before that I was using something called WP-Hive. I am not sure whether his developer version at $127 allows you to give a single usage plugin to people who buy your autoblogs. If it does then it might be worhwile. I would be tempted if money isnt a problem to get it and then learn what you can from it and then refund.... but only if your onpage SEO skills are not that strong.
  • So, let's get a little more specific. How does everyone like to do internal linking for best OP SEO? What else matters (other than H tags)?
  • I was wondering the same as Billy...
  • Personally I link back from each of my internal pages to the homepage and from single pages to the category pages (whereby in my case category pages are actual articles not only categories as they have them in Wordpress), plus I interlink the single articles within the same category. I've noticed since I'm doing this extra heavier backlinking that my sites go faster up the SERPS and the newer articles are discovered and indexed faster in Google.
  • I think I read this strategy in INlineSEO. When I stop buying sites and start making them (or outsourcing) again I'm going to use short articles as catagories like you and then use main articles from those and interlink like you and InLineSEO suggest. Good stuff!

  • I use the category descriptions in wordpress to add in text on the category page. These are turned off by default, but it's easy to just add a line of code to your theme to turn them back on again. Then you can manage them all from the one place.
  • 1. what's the code?
    2. I was going to make posts as categories then add the articles to those.

  • Add the following in on the archives template where you want the description to appear:
    <?php echo category_description( $category ); ?>

    I add it under the title.. I also change the title from "This is the archive category for <category>" to "Great articles about <category>".
  • The Smart Tags Plugin can help.
  • If SEOpressor is too steep a price, would Smart Tags plugin be a good alternative? I'm using All-in-oneSEO pack but i'm getting the feeling that there are better plugins out there...
  • SEOP is still cheap.
  • Blown my budget already this month (and next month! LOL) on new tools and software.. I'll have to wait a bit and make do with free stuff in the interim....