Small Success
  • Alright, I'm not going to get rich this way but I did make a little money from my first auction!
    Here it was again:
    Smoke No Longer

    I bought it for $20 paid $19 for the auction and featured it for $29, so I was into it for $68 with buyer paying success fees. I sold it for $85 for a meager profit of $17.
    In that the keyword gets literally NO traffic, I'm satisfied I didn't lose money. This was the first site I bought but have bought 6 more since then. What I've learned is to listen to my first instincts and only buy sites that meet my criteria, i.e. at least have a strong potential for monetization.
    The other sites I have bought are all on page one of Google and I only paid $20-35 for them. Now to work on getting them higher in rank and making a little money to flip them as well.

    Actually I used my free Flippa credits for listing and featuring so was really only into this site for $18, thus a profit of $47.00!

    Sorry, into it for $38.
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  • Well done Buddy :)
    I'm sure you've learned a lot from buying/selling this site and the fact you made a profit makes it even better. Now just put all you've learned into the next one and you'll see the profit margin creep up.
  • Congrats. Am pleased for you! Look forward to seeing your next results!
  • Congrats Buddy. It's a good start. It doesn't sound like much, but you'll soon realise how easy it is to scale these margins onto bigger and better sites :)
  • Grats Buddy. The only way to get better at something is by doing and gaining experience. Keep it up.
  • How about spending the amount you spent on all those sites on one that makes good traffic and some $ as well and sell it for a nice profit and then you can go invest a part of the money on a bigger site and so on.I think you're wasting some time on these sites with little reward but hey you took action and congratulations for that.I'm still organizing everything before I buy a site from DP to flip it.
  • Well, you're a day late and a dollar short. But thanks for thinking about me.
  • Have you been making more $ with your auctions since Bryan and Thomas coached you?
  • I've been concentrating on building up the sites. Some are money makers and I might keep them awhile.