The Best Spinner or Outsourcing?
  • In that the type of sites I want to buy don't come up as much as I like I want to build some. Keyword research is fun for me, I just am not interested in doing all that writing.
    I can get a writer to do articles for $20 for 5 400 word articles (or have him set the whole thing up for $20). But as well, the Best Spinner is only $77 a year. So, based on your experience, does it make more sense to outsource or spin articles for blog posts. I'm leaning toward the latter.

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  • If its content for your website you want unique content so use the writer.

    If its for backlinks (content not going on your website) then spinning is fine.
  • I've heard some good thinks about jetspinner.

    Have never used it though so I can't exactly vouch for it.
  • Actually it was $15 for 5 articles not $20. Guess I'll go with that.

  • I would do both. Get unique articles for your website and then use The Best Spinner for creating additional articles for backlinking. I would say The Best Spinner is the best I have come up with. I am also an affiliate for it so if you want a discount let me know and I will give you my link and kick back half the commission.

    Jonathon Ledger (of The Best Spinner) has also come up with a new product designed to help you write articles fast which I am tempted by. Its in prelaunch phase now and am debating buying it. The link is here:
  • Will do Justin. I bought Market Samurai in beta and am glad I did! Regarding the new Ledger product, I wonder about the uniqueness of those articles.

  • Yes, That is my concern as well. One of the beta testers said their articles passed copyscape but I am not so sure..... with thousands of people using it whether that will still apply!
  • For what it is worth I bought it and it seriously rocks. However I am going to get in trouble for posting that link as you are only meant to buy it if you are an affiliate and it doesnt go live until the 12th July! So if you do decide to buy can you not use that link direct from the forum and rather copy and paste it into a browser window!

    I think its launching at that price as well but not sure. Just posted a review video of it and my article was almost 100% unique. Well worth it!
  • So, will it replace BS or you'll use IAF for sites and BS for backlinks?
  • Instant Article Factory now has built in spinning, which makes it even more impressive. I think I will use both but I think I will get more use out of IAF than the Best Spinner. is my video of IAF. Since I recorded this video he spinning functionality has been added in. I shall probably get back and do an update shortly.