Only 2 success stories?
  • Come one now people - share your success with others :)

    I've personally heard/seen at least 10 awesome success stories our members have had and I'm sure there's plenty more!

    Don't be shy! Even if you've just finished with your first auction and made something like $50 or $100, speak up! Small success like this can be serious inspiration to some other members :)


    P.S. Kudos to Buddy and Brent for sharing their's. I'll see if I can convince Thomas to send you guys some goodies to show our appreciation ;)
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  • While I wouldn't say no to freebs, my interest in posting is for myself and others to gain from every experience!. But Bryon is right, y'all. Post successes AND failures on this joint. Even if I had lost money I was going to post my first auction just so that others could tear it up! We all have to fail our way to success!
  • I just posted my success story to look cool.

    Hehe jk. Like Buddy said, I posted mine for everyone to be able to learn from and to hopefully get other people posting their success stories.

    P.S. I won't so no to some goodies either!