• So, this from my buyer. Any suggestions?

    >Hey having some troubles trying to get the site uploaded, when i go to php myadmin then click the database and hit import, i then go try to click the zip file wp01.sql.gz but it says Path does not exist
    Check path and try again
    Any ideas?<
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  • Sounds like you have to unzip the file first. You should be uploading a text file with the ext .sql rather than .sql.gz. Let me know if that works.
  • It sounds like he has the path incorrect to me. I am pretty sure php my admin imports zip files. Suggest he saves it on his desktop and imports directly from there. Its one of those problems thats quite difficult to diagnose but is fairly easy to put right if you are there!
  • Hey guys,
    I just got back from hip replacement surgery so am still a little fried. Does anyone know how to transfer a WP blog into XML where it can be uploaded inside a fresh WP install?

  • Yes. Look at Tools, and then you have import and export. Just follow the instructions.
  • Can I do this from the zip file? I've already transferred the domain and files.
  • If you don't still have the blog on one of your subdomains I think the only way you can do it from the zip file is to upload the zip file to a new wp blog and then export it. Using the xml file only transfers posts, pages and comments. It doesnt transfer all the plugin settings etc.

    Has your purchaser still not managed to transfer the blog? Tell him I will do it for $10!
  • Not as of last writing. I'll tell him, justin.