• Hey there,

    I bought Killer ebook, read it several times, and started to implement the process.
    I followed the template about Check list and valuation website and jump to DP to find a website. But for now, i didn't find one that macth all the criteria...

    I'm also got some informations about others technics to flip and it's a little bit confused in the sense where they are the opposite of your guy.

    Anyway, i don't know if i do something wrong or not, but if i take 20 days to find a website ( already 15+ days and no one for now), i'll lost a lot of time.

    I know action plan is to find one in day 1 - i don't if i'm too selective but between the time to find a potential, the time to get all the data as stats...the time to negociate the price...before to get an answer, it's more than 1 day...

    My motivation decrease i want to stay focus, and in the same time i'm not sure if i'm do it well - it's like something was missing in my strategie to choose a website

    Your helps will be helpful guy specially thomas and brian - i want to be able to earn this first $150 and don't want to ask for a refund - or to be so frustrated that i will think that it's doesn't work ( just because it doesn't work for me)....

    Thanks for your help
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  • I bought 6 sites in the space of a month. Sold one already. Buy what you know best.
  • Hi Billy,

    Did you buy them from DP? or an other one?

  • Hey Buddy - welcome back to the forum :) Hope all is well.

    Mike - it can take some time to find a good site. As Buddy mentioned find a site that matches your knowledge. Look for sites you can improve the most. You won't always find amazing sites - hence the profit is in improving them.

  • Thanks Thomas, still a bit banged up but have new titanium hip! Don't get old!