Brought my first site.Please give your suggestions before listing
  • Hi Guys,

    After reading,re reading and reading again the ebook i got tired and decided to experiment atlast.Brought my first site.It's a wordpress site made for joomla templates.It generates revenue from affiliates(generated 19$) and it has adsense too.Traffic Details from Jun-6 to Jul-6: 243 Visits, 349 pageviews.Got google analytics for data.Used the exact methods used in the book to nogotiate and the results too were just like in the book(got it for $18 ;) )

    Any suggestion to how to increase revenue,traffic or anything else would be much appreciated.Please give me suggestions on how much can i expect from this site ;)

    And preferably what features i can highlight in this site that would get maximum attention and suggest me a BIN price.
    I know i'm asking everything from you but please do help me get my first auction live and running high