I bought a site I shouldnt have!
  • So I bought in a fit of madness for too much money a PR 3 blog orientated to Politics. Its three years old and had until I bought it been posting feeds about politics and was getting not a lot of traffic.

    I have changed it so the feeds it is posting are now full posts rather than just snippets with a link out to the full original post, obviously linking back to the main site.

    I have added in a twitter account which is currently being built up which posts new posts and have added in Amazon political book reviews.

    Currenly after about two weeks no income, so I am wondering whether I should just leave it growing for a few more months and see whether it starts to generate any income or whether I should just sell it as is and hope somebody decides to buy it!
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  • I'd just sell it now. If for some reason it gets no income in the next few months, then you have a site that you can't even say has "potential". At least now you can say that there is an upside because your marketing hasn't kicked in yet etc.

    So the twitter account posts to the blog.. or the other way around?
  • I agree. If you feel you have made a mistake then I'd rather cut my losses and try recoup my initial investment with least time possible.

    On the other hand, you could sell some text links and see what else you can do to boost the revenue short term.
  • The blog posts to the twitter account.

    Do you think there is much demand for buying links on a PR 3 blog? Most of the links being sold on Digital Point seem to be around the PR5 mark.

    Is there another site you might recommend for sellinh links?

    I am also a little wary about selling the site on flippa as if it doesnt sell thats another 19 - 39 dollars down the spout! Its a ridiculous domain name as well. Maybe I should just resell it on Digital Point which is where I bought it from. If anyone wants to take a look and give me some possible suggestions it is at http://the-united-nations.com
  • I think politics is a very hard to monetize niche. If that's a wordpress blog, I'd use some of the twitter plugins available to promote your twitter account on the blog. I find that I get a surprising number of folks visiting my site from twitter and then retweeting my posts. That boosts my twitter presence and leads to more traffic.