Addon and Sub Domains?
  • Can addon sites (with their own domain names) be sold separately? I don't understand how it can - does the buyer have to add it on to his own main domain? But I assume not subdomains, right? Thanks
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  • Hey Caramba,

    Looks like your thread didn't get much love so I'll answer you myself:

    The fact that a domain is configured as an "addon site" (a term invented by cpanel) doesn't mean anything when it comes to flipping the site/domain.

    What matters is that the domain name ownership can be transferred. If it's a top level domain, such as or even - the ending doesn't matter - then it can. If it's a subdomain, such as then it can't.

    All you need to do after selling a site that is configured as an addon site on your server is transfer the domain to the new owner (done via the website of the company your domain is registered with - such as godaddy, namecheap, etc.) and then transfer all the files as usual.

    Hope this made things a bit more clear.