[WTB] Flippa credits
  • Looking for Flippa credits. IF anyone is selling send me a PM.

    Thanks in advance.
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  • Thread approved per request :)
  • I'm also looking for some Flippa credits. Please PM me if you are selling.
  • As threads must be approved before being posted here, I think it would be best for you to make your own WTB thread fozer0l and not hijack tymillz.[hr]
    Up to what Thomas and Bryan want though... but that's my opinion.
  • Ok. Thanks for the consideration Brent. As i am looking for the same product i thought it would be meaningless to start a new thread in the same section. Anyway let's wait for what Thomas or Bryan feel about this.
  • sorry, i'm new here, how is this credit system work?
    how much for one credit?

    when i sell credit , i lost my credit?
  • Yeah, please don't jack other people's threads. We don't want a black market for Flippa credits, this was a one off request that I granted. Am going to close this thread now to stop everyone jumping on the bandwagon.
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