Flippa removed recollect site stats option?
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    Since Flippa changed the design I can't find the option to recollect site stats in the edit menu.Is it hidden somewhere..or doesn't exist?
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  • That's what i was wondering too.I edited the sentences which flippa said was duplicate but couldn't find the recollect site stats button :(
  • I can't find it either! May be worth an email to support for clarification.
  • May be they removed after someone from Flippa team read KFS and removed considering it a loophole ;)
  • Luke (from Flippa) read KFS before we even publicly released it. Recollecting stats was never a loophole - there are plenty of legitimate reasons why someone would want to do it.
  • Just a theory.Nothing else.Anyway i've sent the support team informing the mysterious disappearance of the button. Let's wait
  • So any news about this?
  • [quote="Gr33n"]
    So any news about this?

    It's been removed.
  • [quote="Thomas"]
    So any news about this?

    It's been removed.

    Very smart from their part ! Thanks
  • This is what i received from them

    The user option to Recollect Site Stats for your listing has been removed, due to server load issues.

    If you require website statistics for your listing to be recollected, please contact us and we will arrange this for you.

    Kind Regards,

    Flippa Customer Support.
  • But i found a quick fix to their new modification.What i'm planning to do from my next auction is to check the site in copyscape.com before listing it on flippa ;). I actually checked my site which showed 10 possible copies in the listing and i edited them. Even though flippa was kind enough to remove the button i went to copyscape(That's how flippa checks the duplicate copies,if you didn't know it already)and checked it. Voila! No possible copies this time :).

    So,Go to copyscape.com before listing.Get your to be auctioned site checked.If it finds any possible copies edit them and then list it :)