What do i do with my PLR article?
  • I brought a PLR article from ncp recently after seeing the announcement section.I have a couple of questions on it.Would be glad to see it answered.

    1) It's starting to sound noobish even as i'm typing this but still,What do i do with my PLR article?It's a high quality PLR article, as i was said.I downloaded a PLR about Pregnancy.Now what do i do with it?(I suppose PLR are for writing ebook)

    2) What does the 20% offer for life time mean?Does it mean that we get a 20% offer every time we ship from them?

    I brought my PLR before the offer ended.If anybody else did too please give me some suggestions.
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  • Hey Fozer,

    PLR is a great way to add inexpensive content to your sites. Most people would advise you not to use it on your site itself (unless you rewrite it to be unique). However, it can be good for article directories and links from web 2.0 properties (spin it for more copies). You can also use it as a BIN bonus (I do this a lot).

    Discount should be for as long as you use the site :)

  • Will it make sense to outsource the PLR i purchased to make it into a ebook and sell it and then flip it once it makes sales?
  • That's another option.