Sold my First site :)
  • Everything went well.Got the payment,transferred the site and stuff.Here i am to share the success :)
    All thanks to Thomas and Bryan without whom i would never have laid my hand on any cash and the fellow FN members who gave their kind support and kept me going.

    The part where i kept playing the mind games.

    I read the book.Once,twice and thrice to make sure i don't make any mistake because i had very little money to start with,if i lost it then i'm a goner. So read the book carefully,took notes and started calculating the prospectives but it's only after a long tie i recognized that i was doing nothing except playing mind games. So i started my hunt on DP and it was lot of fun.You can see the other post i wrote on how i got a hang on DP.

    So the lesson to learn here is guys,no matter how good it feels to imagine the success it is never as good as getting it.So all those who have been thinking to start and haven't flipped their first site,DO IT NOW.You got five reasons why you should.

    1.[b]First,it's not as hard it seems.[/b]All you have to do is make sure you follow everything that is in the book and i can garuntee that you'll never go wrong(I'm not saying this to encourage you or to promote KFS,because all that you need to know about a successful flip is there in KFS and you never have the worry of going wrong).I just did that.

    2.Second,it's easy cash.Somewhere in the book Thomas mentiones (or bryan),i never found out who wrote what, in that,that All you have to do is site back,relax,accept bids,answer PM's.Yeah,doing my first successful flip i can say that,that's all it takes.

    3.No technical or very little technical knowledge needed.Would you believe if i said i din't know how to push a domain,transfer a site and all those small little stuff.That's true.But now i know.I just learnt it on the progress.I learnt it from the guy who sold me the site on DP and exactly sent the same e-mails and replies he(DP seller) sent me to the buyer of my site in Flippa ;).That easy.

    4.You got to start somewhere.This is where most people lag.Atleat i did.I had all those fears of my site not selling,losing money,about the transfers and you say what.My advice again would be to Keep them all aside.Just give it a shot.We're there to see you across.Get started no matter what.That's the most important thing to do.
    5.And it's FUN ;)

    Enough story.Let get to the part on what i did right and what i did wrong.

    What i did right.

    -I found a good site on DP dirty cheap and negotiated with ease(used both methods,urgency and pointing out negative aspects of the site).here's the link

    Did the due diligence on the bidders to make sure i don't get scammed.

    Kept n touch with the bidders.

    This part of my life is called being "stupid"

    I neither improved the value of site nor the traffic in the hurry to get listed as the 100,000th listing,for the held an competition(I ended 99,998th though :( )So it was basically a relisting,meaning i got the site from DP and listed it on Flippa.I'm lucky it went this far(Site sold for $90 (insert link) ).
    I prepared a poor listing copy in a hurry to get listed.What was i thinking!?
    That mistake cost me a lot.The auction received 678 views 12 watchers and few bids.
    I sent a PM to nearly 23 FN members asking them to bid on my auction and i was banned from the forum for that for PM scam.The guy, Bryan mentioned of PM scam was me.If you are one those people who received my PM and are reading this post i'm extremely sorry for the inconvenience caused by me.I'm stupid and a noob(You won't believe me,I didn't know how to post a reply to a thread till i posted my first post on introductions ;)) and i didn't take time to read the TOS.I thought it was a succesful strategy to send PM to fellow members and found they found it offensive and it's against the Flippa rules to ask people to bid.I still have my PM disabled(I wouldn't say a no if Thomas or Bryan enable it again though ;) ).So the first thing i did was to rush and learn the TOS of FN,Flippa.

    Here's the quick details of my listing

    Here's the auction

    -Listed at 9am EST and feature it when the auction went live.
    -Auction ended at 9am EST next sunday.
    -7 day Auction.It was sun to sunday
    -$1 dollar No Reserve
    -I selected for the Buyer to pay the 5% flippa fee

    There you have it.So go out and do your first flip if you haven't.Just give it a try.It wan't much of a profit for this me this time but i learnt how the business works and it also gave me confidence and inspiration for my next flip.

    Aiming for two more flips this month and a lot more after that :) I would be happy to hear your replies and if you have any questions Let me know.Once again i thank you guys for all the support.

    P.S : Yes,Website flipping is like crack - you can't stop at one hit. Once you take the first blast you're hooked on the money and a whole thing becomes a tripped-out adventure
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  • fozer0l,

    Nice job you had there, buddy! Keep it up!
  • Well done. All it takes to get going is the first deal. Remember we make money when we BUY!:cool:
  • Yep, Thanks Guys. Just get started no matter how bad you think you are in this flipping game :)

    @visiongm- new administrator huh? Congrats