New P*yp*l Problem: New Significantly Not as Described Dispute
  • Hi Guys,

    I know on KFS it advises on how to help win 'item not receicved' disputes but now there's this new one called 'Significantly Not as Described' and I've just received it for a backlinks package I sold on ebay- I know it's not a website but this could really impact everyone selling digital products. Has anyone else won a dispute like this or have any thoughs on what we can do to cover ourselves for website sales?
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  • "Not as Described" dispute has been there for a while already - it's nothing new.

    The good news is that when selling digital goods (websites included), you are almost guaranteed to win each and every "not as described" dispute. Just escalate it to PayPal, make it very clear in the description that the goods in question are intangible, and expect to see a positive resolution within 15 minutes to an hour.

    This is so because PayPal doesn't offer any buyer protection when it comes to digital goods.
  • Ooooh! Wasn't expecting such a positive reply :)
    I've escalated this particular claim I'm facing to see if it works on that.
    Thanks for that Bryanon :)
  • Let us know how it goes :)

    Your chances are good though as I'm personally yet to lose a 'not as describe' case.