Please critique these auctions
  • What did I do right? wrong? Was the only difference the income? One is still live as of this writing: ... k-Required ... ive-Income

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  • Hi Buddy,

    I'm no expert and have only sold a few sites myself but here's my feedback.

    Good- great niches, nice sales text with BIN bonuses
    Bad- The sites have little traffic, could do with jazzing up a little and there's no proof of revenue.

    I'd also choose some more popular tags for the auctions.

    Hope this helps.
  • A couple of things learned:
    DO IT!
    Even if you lose a couple of bucks (I haven't) what you'll learn is worth it. I now realize that the sites I bought (the two from this auction I created myself) have to make good money before I try to auction them because I'm already into them for $20-50. Add the listing and feature fees and there's another 50 bucks. So, they have to sell for more than that!
    It sucks to pay the $29 to feature our auction (and I only did it in the last 24 hours), it is an absolute MUST! Otherwise no one will see your auction.