Need Adsense Joint Venture
  • Hi Guys,

    I lost my adsense account due to an autoblog network and find myself needing one for flips such as MFA sites. What I'm after is someone to 'share' their account with me. I have their account number and put it on a site and in return they keep the profits and send me screen shots when I need them.

    If anyone is interested, please post here or PM me.
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  • Another alternative is to form a legal business (I have a sole proprietor d/b/a [doing business as]) and open up a new Adsense account through that. What was Google's problem with autoblogs?
  • I don't know what their problem was. Just got an email from the one day saying they didn't feel my content was that helpful to users. I do have a business, might gove it a go under that. It's run from the same address as my banned acount though so would that be an issue?
  • Ok, so although I have a business, I don't have a business bank account so I can sign up for adsense with it. Anyone still up for a JV?