SEO blueprint?
  • I have Scrapebox and SocialBot. Also RSSbot and Articlebot (never did anything with these two) and Link Farm Domination (was never able to use this to its best effect).
    Can someone give me an idea of a good plan or schedule for back linking my sites so as to get them to number one? They need to make steady income for flipping. My keywords are mostly good and most of my sites are already on page 1 or 2.
    I'm interested in SERP Assist but can't afford any outgo of funds until I sell a few more sites.

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  • I've not used the tools you've mentioned but for a traffic/sem blueprint I've had real success with Travis Petelle's traffic blueprint:

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    Having worked through this strategy, the biggest successes I've had have come from commenting and guest posting on niche relevant blogs.

    Just my 2 cents!
  • Buildmyrank seems to still be working for niche sites but I expect that will change in the future. You may also consider buying domains that already have backlinks. I'd recommend mixing manual strategies like guest blog posts with automated tools. The other place to look for links is in your competitor's backlinks with tools like opensiteexplorer.

    For a schedule, I'd suggest something like the following:

    1.) Pick the timeframe you're working in.
    2.) Look at how many links your competitors have in comparison to you on average.
    3.) Divide your timeframe into days or weeks and calculate how many links you need during each increment to match your competitor's link volume.
    4.) Pick your link building strategies and do something like 30% manual whitehat links and 70% automated or grey hat links.

    So, it might be something like:
    - 5 guest posts, 10 manual social bookmarks, 5 links from competitors, 10 manual relevant blog comments, 5 buildmyrank links, 65 SENuke links, etc.
    - Repeat daily/weekly until you've gained the same number of links as your competitors then switch to maintenance mode, maybe doing the same work with less frequency
    - Wait until rankings improve and adjust accordingly