15 Articles for a site. Can I sell this?
  • A while ago I read one of those "guru" flipping guides. It told me that I should find a niche... get some articles but at least 10... Use wordpress to build a nice site for these articles to live on... Sell the site on sitepoint for $300...

    This sounded viable so I gave a go at it. Some of the articles I wrote myself and some I paid others to do. They are pretty nice I think.

    I did this over a year ago and the domain has since then expired. Should I try building a site out of this and selling it again or do you think it is a lost cause?

    Pretty much I am asking this: Should I buy a new domain name and set up this site AGAIN and try to sell it or just say that it is lost money.
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  • If you have the files still and unique article then it would be worth the 10 bucks for a domain. Startup sites have slowed a lot lately but you should make more than 10 back :)
  • I want to make back more than I spent on the articles. Preferably at least $150. Think that is possible?
  • Tough for a start up IMO.
  • Maybe I will start it up again and try to make some adsense money from it. Who knows.