Checklists, pre-defined decision-points etc.
  • Hey guys,

    Just thought I'd ask around how many people here (besides me) uses things like checklists, pre-defined decision points, templates and virtually anything similar that has the purpose to make the flipping business more organized?

    I'm an airplane pilot myself and must say that I absolutely love things being well organized (I guess you can't find an area that is organized better than aviation) - therefore I tend to use similar tactics in business as well.

    For instance, I have a detailed checklist for pretty much anything (a main buy-develop-sell checklist for quick flips, several for SEO, another one for ebook launches etc.), I keep excel spreadsheets about virtually everything, allowing me to go back even a year to fully analyse past projects, I use A LOT of templates, e.g. when replying to PMs at Flippa, when doing customer support, when instructing buyers on the transfer etc. etc. - all to make my life easier and to be able to spend more time thinking, developing my business and finding new opportunities and less time on 'management'.

    Just curious how other successful people in this business go about it ..

    EDIT: Forgot to mention .. when it comes to templates, I have a simple rule: If I need to write the same thing (be it an email, a PM or some sort of a product description) more than 2 times and the changes are only slight, I'll create a template for it. So far this system has served me exceptionally well.
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  • You're an airplane pilot?!? AWESOME!

    I'm trying to do this type of thing too(not being a pilot, but becoming more organized), but I lack the discipline - hopefully will develop it in time. Right now I started to love doing checklists and I use them for almost anything. Templates I use rarely. I don't find myself saying similar things too often :) I do use swipe files for webpages and graphics and have developed my own personal php framework optimized for the type of scripts I always find myself doing to keep repetition down and make it super easy to go back and make changes.
    I found out about the magic of checklists and swipe files from Jimmy D Brown's coaching program (I think it was called '6 figure formula').

    PS: would you be willing to share some of your checklists? You could include some in your product - I'm sure people will love them :D
  • [quote="enSo"]
    You're an airplane pilot?!? AWESOME!
    Yeah, probably the only thing I need to thank Microsoft for, lol. Been addicted to the Flight Simulator since it came out in 2004 and in 2007 figured I'd take the next step and join a flight school. Got the licence 6 months later :)

    PS: would you be willing to share some of your checklists? You could include some in your product - I'm sure people will love them :D

    I will and I will :D - the product will contain a whole bunch of checklists and other tools (there's going to be a "toolbox" section included), and I'll surely share bits and pieces of it over here, too.