Finding Low Traffic Stats
  • Hi,

    I've been looking over various websites for sale. I go to sites like Alexa, doubleclick ad planner, and sem rush to check for traffic stats. For many sites I've check so far, the sites come back with 'site traffic unavailable'.

    Does this mean the traffic is either too new (for a new site) or not enough and I shouldn't bother to look at it further?

    What if a site gets only 50-100 visits a day but is making income? How do I prove traffic when its time to sell if I want to do a quick flip?

    Is there a site that is reliable for confirming traffic stats?

    I'm not ready to believe the stats posted by sellers (like on dp) all the time.

    I've tried statbrain too. Are those numbers good?


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  • Most sellers should have google analytics installed, if not, you can ask them to do this. Then ask them to connect you to the account.