Difficulty in getting approved by text link ads!?
  • As the question says, i submitted my site to text link ads and after reviewing my site they said my site can't be approved!? Same with buysellads. Does selling text ads for established site alone? Or do you guys have any tricks for this too ;)
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  • Same problem here with Text Link Ads. I tried 2 of my websites (One of them being fairly popular and PR2) and I was denied. I emailed them but haven't received a response as of yet.
  • They are very strict as to which sites they will accept. Last site I had in it was a PR4, Alexa 80k blog. Don't have any tricks to get in, I tend to sell links privately if I can.
  • Thanks Thomas. Could you suggest some places as well to sell text links privately? i know we can sell it in DP.Any other places where the activity is good and we get a good price for it?