• I've contemplated which of these to choose between.

    I have one site averaging around 1500 visits from Search engines, mainly Google and Yahoo a month.

    I've had clickbank which hasn't converted and now have Adsense which got around 10 clicks over the fortnight, making me $3 or so.

    Now the site has one of those magazine type designs, the revolution two by Brian Gardner; problem is there are tones of images and the ads don't seem to get as much attention as they could.

    The site also has an opt-in which isn't doing all that badly; I had a couple of opt-ins yesterday.

    Anyway, I now have to think about whether I should just go for an Adsense theme where it is basically all text and two Adsense banners up the top of the text; which is what a lot of sites that seem to be making $10-$200 a day from Adsense are doing.

    Is it worth sacrificing the design for a bland one in order to potentially make more revenue?

    Will this reduce the price I sell my site for; customers may see it as 'ugly'?

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  • Put the ugly theme on to make the money and put the nice one back on for sale.
  • [quote="BillyPilgrim"]
    Put the ugly theme on to make the money and put the nice one back on for sale.

    Smart... I like it ;)
  • I'd obviously thought of this ;)

    The only issue that arises is the new theme won't make as much as the buyer is expecting.
  • I'd still sell it with the pretty one and offer the other one as a free bonus explaining its benefits. Once you sell a property (as long as you don't make outlandish future claims), it's theirs. If you've honestly done you've done all you can do, what else is there?
  • Makes sense, thanks for the input, Billy.