How much do traffic and opt-ins increase your site's value?
  • Hi all!

    I am cultivating a group of sites that promote various ClickBank and CPA offers. They are all built on WordPress and have a separate HTML squeeze page set up with a free eBook giveaway to collect email addresses.

    My intent was to build steady traffic to these sites, generate some sales and collect email addresses, thinking that these three things would increase the sites' value when I go to sell them.

    How much can I increase my sites' value by developing an opt-in list and steady traffic? Is this worth the extra time or am I just spinning my wheels? Are there any rules of thumb (ie: $1 per opt-in) or any other ways of putting a value on my additional efforts?

    I guess I am asking because it is taking time to do these extra things and if it isn't going to significantly increase my income from site sales, I would rather sell these as startups, complete with the squeeze page and eBook, and move on to building more of them.

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  • Hey Brenda,

    Quick answer to your initial question would be "Absolutely!". Opt-ins are worth a lot and (lucky for us) many buyers are aware of this.

    That said - there's no rule of thumb as to how much a single double opt-in is worth. It can be $0.10 per subscriber, it can be $5 per subscriber - it all depends on the site itself, the source of these opt-ins, the niche, what have you already done with them (what's the conversion rate of the offers you've been sending them) etc.

    However, given that you have a good free report, a decent autoresponder sequence and a matching follow-up offer (or few), I do suggest you to work a little and get a list before selling the site(s). That's mainly because this way you'll also be able to push your offer to this list and bump up the site's revenue - which is obviously great when it comes to selling.

    Go on and ask if I left anything unclear :)