Selling sites with no profits/traffic (turnkey) tips?
  • Well, How can we successfully sell a site that has no profit and little to no traffic?

    The so-called turnkey websites?

    Besides making the auction quick (so user can fall in love, bid/bin before he notice he's going into something unknown) and possibly a virtually untaped niche (to Flippa or the SERPs) and the automated content?
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  • Reading can make one depressed in thinking about trying to sell turn keys. I'm afraid we've missed the boat on this one. Not that you can't sell them but making any good ROI when factoring in the cost of listing and featuring on Flippa. And it seems to me that if you want to cut corners and don't spend the 30 bucks for featuring your site will slip to oblivion.
    I'd hold it until it makes a little money then write great sales copy and sell it. I;m a noob so YMMV.
  • Definitely not dead guys, just needs a bit of thought.

    Here's a few articles I've written on EP that might give you some ideas: ... nkey-Sites ... ping-sites
  • [quote="Thomas"]
    Definitely not dead guys, just needs a bit of thought.


    By the way, three main problems (and solutions) most people seem to be having with turnkey sites nowadays:

    1) Prices/margins going down.

    Solution: Look for ways to cut down the money you invest into creation of the sites. Hire cheaper freelancers, automate more aspects of the creation, manage the process better. It's still possible (but not easy!) to systematically create sites for <$30 and sell them for $150+.

    2) Too much similar stuff on the market.

    Specialise! Spend some time on Flippa and look what kind of sites tend to get buyers' attention. Why stick to useless wordpress blogs when creating a penny auction site or a forum would take just about the same time but would sell for 5x as much money?

    (The penny auction thing was just an example, by the way.)

    3) Too much competition.

    Differentiate yourself. Learn from others' mistakes and be better. Write a better sales copy. Offer better BIN incentives. Take better care of your bidders/customers. Get better with upselling.

    All that said, I still don't suggest newcomers to jump into the business of turnkey sites. It is most certainly NOT easy to make this profitable (enough) unless you have decent experience and more importantly, unless you're ready to show some volume. There's many simpler ways to make money off flipping sites (read the book :)).

  • I have currently set a website on an easy to rank niche (yet hot niche) and the website is fully automated...

    but I suck badly, like REALLY REALLY badly in traffic driving (I have some successful blogs but most of them I fail to get decent traffic, despite how quality or not they are)...

    I wanted to know If I could get some decent money with this...

    but given I have spent around $40 to domain/hosting and build up and then $20 for Flippa fee and Featured fee, It would get to $80, selling it for like $200 is unworthy for the potential of this site, for the time I held it up and for the content being thrown in everyday...